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Wichita Household Services

Looking for housekeeping service for businesses in Wichita, KS? Wichita Household Services offers professional housekeeping service for businesses apart from Commercial Office Cleaning and Contract Cleaning Services to Companies in whole of Wichita. Wichita Household Services has commitment to high standards and credible business systems. Free estimates! Call today schedule online!



Our housekeeping staff is appropriately trained to use eco-products for cleaning. You will be saving the planet, improving the air quality around you and contributing to the general health and safety of your Staff. If you go with our eco cleaning option, we only use 100% natural, non-toxic cleaning products that are as effective as the traditional cleaning products if not better!

Why choose Wichita Household Services?

  • Dedicated Housekeeping Service Manager:
    Wichita Household Services will make sure all sites have a dedicated account manager, who will provide a regular and consistent level of support. At the beginning of each contract, we will spend time with you to fully understand the needs and operations of your business to allow your dedicated account manager to fully support you.
  • Periodical Performance Cleaning Service Reviews:
    Your dedicated Account Manager will arrange periodic performance review of the cleaning service you are currently receiving from us, with you to make sure we consistently meet your needs.
  • GPS Apps Based Monitoring & Auditing System:
    Wichita Household Services have recently invested in a bespoke GPS Apps Based Monitoring and Auditing System which allows us to monitor, track and audit cleaners work and any other cleaning programs being implemented at a client’s site.
  • Wichita Household Services ‘The One Stop Shop’ for all your cleaning needs:
    Wichita Household Services is a ‘one-stop-shop’ solutions for all your cleaning needs. We offer a wide range of cleaning/janitorial services such as commercial cleaning services,  office cleaning, washroom services, upholstery cleaning, carpet cleaning, floor cleaning, deep cleaning, school cleaning and caretaking services and many more.
  • Office Cleaning Staff:
    As one of the topmost commercial cleaning companies in the Wichita, we take pride in the quality of our Cleaners. Successful applicants for our cleaning jobs must have come through a rigorous recruitment process, making sure ID and references are taken before they can start working for us. They are also trained on how to clean safely and correctly, they are taught about infection control, how to reduce the spread of infection and to professionally dust, vacuum, mop clean upholsteries and floors
Here is our Promise to You!
  • Sensible Rates
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to customise cleaning to suit your needs
  • Fully Insured Services
  • Quality Management System
  • Fully Vetted and Trained Cleaning Operatives
  • A proven and ongoing Quality Control System
  • Health and Safety Compliant


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Contact Details

Wichita Household Services

We Offer Cleaning Junk Removal Movers Handyman Services

(316) 448-3558

Our Services

Cleaning Service

  • Deep Home Cleaning Wichita, KS
  • Standard Cleaning Wichita, KS
  • Move Out Cleaning Wichita, KS
  • Recurring Cleaning Wichita, KS
  • Office Cleaning Wichita, KS

Junk Removal

  • We provide removal of junk, trash, rubbish, debris, garage clean out and more.
  • It is a local business serving Wichita, KS since 2017.
  • We’re available 24/7, day and night to remove your trash.
  • Our service is efficient and prompt.

Moving Service

  • Affordable Movers
  • Appliance Moving
  • Furniture Moving
  • Hot Tub Moving

About Us

Wichita Household Services

Best Commercial Residential Junk Removal Movers Handyman Services in Wichita KS | Wichita Household Service

Cleaning services you can trust. Let Wichita Household Services clean your home or business today. Wichita Household Services’ mission is to ensure quality cleaning and junk removal service through our attention to detail, outstanding customer service and green practices. Located in Wichita KS! Call today! Best cleaning company in Wichita KS!


Life is too short to clean your own home! Our team at Wichita Household Services is here for you. We provide elite cleaning services designed to keep your home sparkling and beautiful so that you can focus on things that matter more, like your family and friends.


  • Not only do we provide our customers with clean homes or businesses, but we do our part to keep the earth clean, too
  • We focus on using green cleaning materials that are environmentally responsible or sustainable.
  • use a proven system to ensure that our homeowners are happy with the result of our work. Our system has proven effective in over twenty million cleans. It is designed to be thorough and detail-oriented, and to emphasize quality.


  •  excellent customer reviews.
  • Our clients trust us and recommend us to their friends and loved ones. We create relationships with our customers, generating loyalty and trust.
  • We take measures to ensure your confidence
  • Our company is insured and bonded, and all of our employees go through stringent screening and training for your peace of mind.

Service Area

55 Cities within 30 miles of Wichita, KS:

Andale, KS | Andover, KS | Argonia, KS | Augusta, KS | Belle Plaine, KS | Bentley, KS | Benton, KS | Buhler, KS | Burns, KS | Burrton, KS | Cheney, KS | Clearwater, KS |Colwich, KS | Conway Springs, KS | Danville, KS | Derby, KS | Douglass, KS | Elbing, KS | Garden Plain, KS | Goddard, KS | Greenwich, KS | Halstead, KS | Harper, KS | Haven, KS | Haysville, KS | Hesston, KS |

Hutchinson, KS | Kechi, KS | Maize, KS | Mayfield, KS | Mcconnell AFB, KS | Milan, KS | Milton, KS | Mount Hope, KS | Mulvane, KS | Murdock, KS | Newton, KS | North Newton, KS | Norwich, KS | Peck, KS | Potwin, KS | Pretty Prairie, KS | Rock, KS | Rose Hill, KS | Sedgwick, KS | South Hutchinson, KS | Towanda, KS | Udall, KS | Valley Center, KS | Viola, KS | Walton, KS | Wellington, KS | Whitewater, KS | Winfield, KS | Yoder, KS


67001 – Andale | 67016 – Bentley | 67017 – Benton | 67020 – Burrton | 67025 – Cheney | 67026 – Clearwater | 67030 – Colwich | 67031 – Conway Springs | 67037 – Derby | 67039 – Douglass | 67050 – Garden Plain | 67052 – Goddard | 67055 – Greenwich | 67060 – Haysville | 67067 – Kechi | 67101 – Maize | 67106 – Milton | 67108 – Mt Hope | 67110 – Mulvane | 67118 – Norwich | 67120 – Peck | 67133 – Rose Hill | 67135 – Sedgwick | 67147 – Valley Center | 67149 – Viola | 672xx – Wichita | 67204 – Park City or Wichita | 67219 – Park City or Wichita | 67220 – Bel Aire or Wichita | 67221 – McConnell AFB | 67226 – Bel Aire or Wichita | 67543 – Haven